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Entry #16

lol you people

2010-08-25 09:38:47 by ramagi

Ok I thought I let the few who actually still look at my profile give a little update.

When I first got out school got my degree, I still had time and made time for newgrounds.

I went to working full time, less time, then lots new and exciting stuff happened in the real world.

Even though my profile doesn't say it I discovered Newgrounds about 10 years ago...

It funny to think how that site was then. Some things have change.

I miss a lot of my old time pals I made through the site. Some times I wonder what happened to them what going on with them. How things been.
You know who you are, leave me a message....

I am not sure why people assume if you go inactive your dead. I just happene to live in the real world these days. I don't have the time for newgrounds, I may some time in the future...

OH and yes I was repossible for your deleted review and proud of it, >:)

Also I obnly will be checking this every so often but I'll pop back into forums when you least expect it....


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2010-08-25 10:29:36

coungrats i can't get involved in da real world. :P:P:P:P

ramagi responds:

it will get you when you least expect it


2010-08-25 10:35:31

I'm not involved in much right now :/
I do my best getting involved in school and friends.

ramagi responds:

always do your best


2010-08-25 10:41:20

you are a part of NG history ;) you'll never be forgotten .. blam queen wahaha

ramagi responds:



2010-08-25 18:02:08

i miss you much ramagi :(

ramagi responds:

that me over there...shhhhhhhhhh


2010-08-31 13:14:07

live life, ramagi. enjoy it all.

ramagi responds:

good moto


2010-08-31 21:01:48

I still look at your profile. <3

ramagi responds:

<3 <3


2010-09-01 21:18:53

I still look here... Weren't you a mod? The mod list changes as people get busy... D: Hope you are having a great life. Please don't forget us ramigi! D:

ramagi responds:

I was one those mod.

Some day I may try to be a review mod again...I had the fun of the early days of review mod.


2010-09-04 05:12:02

<3 you ramagi
also grats on 55

ramagi responds:

bah 55, I was thinking before they got 2 lvl 60 that it be liek the old way.
I could just give i ahve a chnce at like noooooooooooooooooooo
anything but one last temptation.


2010-09-07 21:30:00

Good to see. I sometimes wish I had been a voter daily for NG :p I'd be as high as pimp.

The real world is a funny place and very subjective I think :p

have fun. Thanks for posting.

ramagi responds:

I been slackign this last year too much in voting :(

I shoudl recruit a backup


2010-09-15 18:01:54

I still remember your profile from the old system with the Ranma profile picture.

It's ingrained in my memory.

You've made more of an impression on people than you might think.
Even people you've never even heard of ;)

ramagi responds:

But i put so much effort into this banner and pic with gimp

ranma is timeless. It will never be spoiled by being on TV in the US (at least i hope it stays that way)


2010-09-25 02:37:08

I remember you ;) Hello from 2004 <3

Glad to hear you are alive and well XD

ramagi responds:

ah 2004 how sweet it was


2010-09-26 21:29:49

your profile makes me hot

ramagi responds:

I say get the bucket of water out but I'm upgrading to get the helcopter to drop som water


2010-10-01 19:37:09

Is Club Ramagi still going?

ramagi responds:

shhh the first rule


2010-10-10 00:23:53

ramagi club shall never die.

ramagi responds:

that the second rule


2010-10-11 06:26:25

cool cool. good to see you still linger around like i do.

so uh... hey. how about a picture of you WITHOUT the bag on your head this time? :P

ramagi responds:

never say never.....


2010-11-15 21:35:46

You were the first mod that ever banned me


ramagi responds:


the ban mallet has had to be rebuilt so many people banned for reviews back in the day


2010-11-23 23:47:45

look like you'll be able to be relatively inactive for quite some time without really losing any ranks, lol.

we await your return, ramagi ;)

enjoy the 'real world' or whatever that thing is called xD


2011-01-02 14:58:54

You will be missed


2011-01-24 07:33:00

i'm happy for you that you got your degree. i droped out of high school and got my ged. now it's hard to find a job and support my kid. and i'll probably never be involve with "the real world."


2011-01-25 10:31:32

Your words on intelligence and underwear are very uplifting (hih,lol)


2011-02-11 23:01:30

:: reads the whole thing ::



2011-02-28 04:52:41

Just dropping my two cents in... i remember you back in the day when i first came on...i remember when you also had the most blams. well im glad to see you, like me, get caught up in lifes master plan. Take care.


2011-03-15 21:17:46

I usually don't say this due to how arrogant it sounds but it has to be said in this case!

Now I can ban you from the forums, lolololol.

ramagi responds:

I responded to this via pm cause my response was that evil >:)


2011-03-17 13:50:25

i misssss youuuuuu


2011-03-17 13:50:46

remember our weird sexual tension?


2011-03-20 22:21:13

aaaaah i stopped missing you


2011-03-23 21:50:55

I'll be like you, hopefully, in about 5-6 years.


2011-06-24 12:49:27

Im quite new i would like to no a bit more about new grounds and all the history and stuff like that will u be able to help me ?


2011-06-24 16:41:19

im lesbian u want to do it ?????? your soooooooooo hoooot your making me horny!!!!!!!!


2011-10-13 15:50:06

Im new to this site so 10years wow hoping to make new friends I live in Jonesboro Arkansas Im likeing this site a lot Better than faceBook ....:)


2011-10-16 01:31:26

Hey my dear! Congrats on the best looking level icon of the whole site :D


2011-11-10 00:09:25

Ya know, It's kinda odd not seeing your alias in green, popping in and out of the C&C anymore these days. I figured they'd let you keep your powers unless you just wanted to be rid of them. But this means you have to get a new AIM screen name haha. How have you been these past few years?


2012-01-22 02:43:27

Hi Rami, Im not sure if you'll remember me but back in the Days.. I made always coka cola, BLAMNATION.. and a few others.. FORMER BLAMCLUB MEMBER .. signing in , THE INFAMOUS iLLiCit147 SAY's HELLO. I made a website for ya way back and sent it to ya, we chatted on mics and I pronouced your name wrong.
Anyway if you ever come around again. Get in touch.


2012-02-08 21:46:54

look at that 36k XP, go you


2012-04-02 23:53:24

Oh hey. What am I doing here? L:


2012-08-28 03:18:26

I haven't the slightest clue why I'm back here, but for some reason I felt like logging into this account. I haven't logged in for about 10 years, lol. Then I remembered you. Seems like you've been busy, I have too. You keep up with anyone from the Blam Club?


2013-04-06 08:08:01

Still depositing? Looks like lv 60 is less than a hundred days away! :)


2013-08-09 14:43:52

You're getting close to level 60!


2014-01-31 11:08:05

i miss the way you guys used to run the BBS.


2014-04-01 18:17:16

well just keep it


2015-01-08 17:29:30

how do you look like? O_o