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Well here it goes

2007-07-24 01:04:23 by ramagi

Keep in mind I don't myspace or other sites like that. So I really d not blog or any kind of used to making news posts and stuff like that.
I'm more likly say what on my mind at that moment or feeling. Even just do something odd or silly.
So how many of you had the temptation to try to click that OK in the header?
Come one be honest

I made it for fun, based on some of the little bugs going on with the redesign. Expect that and simular themes for a while. I may take some time and bring back various aspects from older times on the site as my header. Depends what inspires me.

If you have some issues with bbs or reviews ie, someone causing issues, or somethin else please pm me. I tend to check that a lot more than anything else. I'll probably give you some sarcastic response, or not see it for some time. Plus this area more for news, fun and general sillyness.

Here a fun shirt to wear and run with.

Well here it goes


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2007-07-24 01:11:52

-Hahaha! Love the header and no, I didn't even bother to click ok since it's not possible to do so. :/
-Love the shirt. Made me giggle. XD
-Keep doing the good moderating work ramagi and thanks for all the help in the Clubs and Crews. :)

ramagi responds:

I would try to talk tom into making it linkable, if I already didn't know there was a huge back log of stuff that will probably keep them busy till the end of the year.

thanks for the kudo's


2007-07-24 01:21:33

I honestly tried to click the "OK" in your banner, because I'm an idiot. :-(

That would be a nifty shirt. Especially at an American airport. Major lulz.

ramagi responds:

I'd tell you too seek help, but there is none for you.

yea I sure the airport would love that.


2007-07-24 01:38:28


*clicks again*


ramagi responds:

seek help


2007-07-24 02:48:19

WHY THE HELL CAN'T I CLICK IT!!!(goes on rampage)

ramagi responds:



2007-07-24 07:05:42

I didn't click the ok-button. I didn't even noticed the banner until you mentiond it ^^.
BTW: What have you done to actually lose some b/p points?

ramagi responds:

you make me sad by not seeing it :(


2007-07-24 08:35:02

I wonder how many of those shirts were actually sold.

ramagi responds:

better yet who had the gile to run through the airport with it on


2007-07-24 08:39:41

I'll just like, pick you up and throw you TOWARDS and INTO the bomb blast to shield myself from the damage.

ramagi responds:

you will win no gentle man awards for that


2007-07-24 14:37:18

If someone paid me enough to wear this at an airport then i would.

ramagi responds:

i'm sure you would


2007-07-24 22:02:57

Yeah but I've been one for the past four months and was crushed many many times not only by women but by others in the end. Besides you're practically indestructible so you'll survive. thinks.

ramagi responds:

well the fact i'm imune to such things was not in question.

cushed kisuke hmmmmmmm


2007-07-24 22:17:36

Now if only your header was annoyingly shaking like all other windows based flash banners do, it'd be perfect. :)

Those are actually some of the silliest ads around, not everybody runs the same Windows operating system, some use vista or XP with different looks, some use Macs and some even use Linux, those sorts of adverts never really applied to them!

ramagi responds:

well shaking would be interesting, that would took more than the 5 or so minutes it took make. I'll keep that in mind for the future.


2007-07-25 02:03:36

I only saw the OK thingy when I read your comment so :p

Oh and could you do me a header? Cause I really have no idea how to make one...

(Updated ) ramagi responds:

the hardest part of foinf a header is concept

once you hvae a idea go for it.


2007-07-25 11:02:43

nawww, your okay button didn't trick me ;) and ooh, you're back at exactly 100,000 :0 but you're in second again, oh noes! anyways, how have you been ramagi, haven't talked to ya in a while? hope everything is swell :3

ramagi responds:

every is really good, working full time take up time it was going to happen eventually


2007-07-25 11:05:13

Must....get...stronge-*crushed* <:


2007-07-29 16:37:21

I didn't even notice the header until you mentioned it and I don't click anything from Microsoft so yours was no exception to that, sorry.

I did notice that you are no longer in first place for B/P! I remember for the longest time that no one could beat you.. I guess someone finally did though. :(


2007-07-30 22:11:25

Ya know.
I finally found out what anime character you're parodying.
Ranmna 1/2

: drools

ramagi responds:

I didn't think it was that hard....the character been around for some time.


2007-08-03 08:27:42

Actually, I didn't notice the banner before i saw people talking about it. I'm so used to skipping those things on NG.

God damn ad whores, the Newgrounds bunch...

(I know tom was supposed to get rid of advertizing in the new reform)

ramagi responds:

actually did away with pop up ad's :)


2007-08-03 19:01:02

I saw the banner, but since I use microsoft, I was not amused, before I realised it wasn't clickable, I kicked my computer and I think I broke something... lol I wasn't tempted to click the ok button, but rather to just sit there and try clicking the little X in the corner.

I bet you think I'm very stupid now, but I'm actually crazy and my IQ is actually 288 last time I checked... if the TV hasn't rotted my brain already...

I'd totally wear that shirt, espescially since it's black.

ramagi responds:

lol didn't think about asking about the X...

X rules

TV cause rot....not sure

yea that shirt is wearaable :)


2007-08-10 23:49:01

Why was my comment deleted? lol


2011-06-16 19:57:04

Sexy teen strips and fingers herself on webcam.

Will probably get deleted soon so be quick!