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Hay Wars Hay Wars

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well if you really wanted to lack orginally you would done the opening in the Star Wars theme with the words going away from you as you read them.
There were some good scenes in this, I like it when you shot yourself in the foot. Plus the weapons esculation, though the run away part needed a rope swing, or some Star Wars more theme to it. The fact you were fighting on each side of a hay bale was mildly amusing.
Is Nick trying to sound like an alien?
It was classic to shoot the camera guy :0
You need to spoof more stuff :)

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Fro responds:

Yeah, I was actually thinking about doing the scrolling screen until I figured out that it would be way too unoriginal.

Ha, Nick wasn't really trying to sound like an Alien, but I guess it ended up like that. I do think the best ideas were the hay and the camera guy.

The sequel to this should be up in a couple of days so you should keep watch.

Thanks for the reviews.

Beneath the Sheets Beneath the Sheets

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Now this really is not my style. I'm sure this in the theme of the cam corder type horror flicks. I'm not a big fan of that style, actually I watched several of them and didn't find any of them scary.
The best part is the trip scene I about fell over laughing. It saved this whole submission for me. REPLAY BONUS!
After it goes back to where it was for me. Nothing to special.
You have almost 2 themes in this the serious theme then the fake ghost and trip theme. If you going to spoof something you really should go all out On the flip side of realism video needed more suspense.

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Fro responds:

Ha, so you think it's funny when people injure themselves for your pleasure? Ha, yeah the fall was something that I got an idea from on another video on youtube. It actually did hurt a little bit because I wanted it to look as real as possible so I covered my eyes so I wouldn't know when I was suppose to trip or not.

There was always plans to make to sequels to this, with one being scary and one being all comedy.

Thanks for the review.

Adolf Hitler:CAI493+D 002 Adolf Hitler:CAI493+D 002

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Oh my

Well that was a very quick evolution, and did I actually see an attempt at animation....I think I better have my eyes checked.
Well I will say this it was different from the first for sure with the evolution.
The flower bub on hitler back is lol.
I have a feeling Venusaur will be coming soom to Hitler quest.
Go pokeball!

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AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

The evolution was pretty important for this Flash, since otherwise it may have appeared that Hitler caught a wild Ivysaur.

Thanks for the review <3

Slash N' Littlewashu 4 coming soon ;)

Recent Game Reviews

Zelda 64 Mini-Games Zelda 64 Mini-Games

Rated 3 / 5 stars

4 in 1

Well I like the fact there are 4 different games to play. Now while they are not the best games, was a good idea to put them together.
The bulls eye is pretty basic and fun. The Chicken shooting game a bit frustrating took me the longest to get the feel for. I only missed to rupee's, almost make me want to say sorry to rupeeclock. Kill navi game made me feel are warm, annoying little thing that it is

64 responds:

Haha, that was my goal, counting on how much the players were annoyed by her.

Memory Test Game Memory Test Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

found a bug

I playeda few tiems getting 200 points the first few times the 4th time I played I had one match to go then one of cards that I had already matched turned over and I matched the last one and got 10 points. Other than that this is a good game. It is fun for a while.
I noticed there tend to be some patterns, maybea bit more randomness with where the cards end up.

64 responds:

Thanks for the review. I don't know why that glitch happened, though. o_O

Pong Advanced Pong Advanced

Rated 3 / 5 stars

it's pong

Well I like the fact that you didn't use a flat paddle. Interesting concept on points. I played to level 5 twie, it did get harder as you went along which is nice. The best thing was that it was a little different than the normal pong. Call it the saving grace, there is not a lot you can do with this type of game.

64 responds:

True. Now a game like this but kind of a Breakout style would be great, unfortunately that was beyond the level of my past expertise.

Recent Audio Reviews

Number of the Beast Number of the Beast

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

whoa to me

I had to turn my volume way way up just to hear everything. Yes I know you mentioned it was low, but that is way too low.
Trying to sound like Vincent Price now that not an easy task, I not heard a lot of people attempt that. He has a really distinct voice. You may been better off at trying for a more low tone demonic sounding type voice. Get better software :)

Coop responds:

Thanks for that, ramagi. I'm working on the better software as soon as I'm back from the London meetup.

Other than that, there will be other submissions coming your way throughout 2009, so stay listening :)

Furnomore Furnomore

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

slow start ...but get better quickly

This start really slow for me, then after 30 seconds it like a shot of energy comes into play.
The dance style is strong in most parts. I could see it being used in a flash.
At the end it like death. Everything slows way dow slower and slower then nothing. Was it your intention to have everything stoop at 3:20 and have :10 of nothing? I reloaded the page watched again had it happen both times.
I don't know it it was, but if it was it was perfect. I never noticed in any other submissions. Seriously it makes the end perfect.

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GlueR responds:

Thanks for the review! You almost got it! The "hidden" reference is in that 10 seconds. Oh, yes it is indeed intentional and you could hear better what happens there if you turn up your speakers after the last chord is played (try not to burn your speakers, though, in the loop change). I'm a sucker for endings. I always pay a lot of attention to them, despite the fact that radio and club DJs tend to cut them out.
I'm glad you liked it! If you do manage to figure out what the reference is, or even if you don't, PM me and I'll tell you!

In the news In the news

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it

I like how you mixed in the news into the song.
It does not even see to detract from the whole song as it is.
If you listen to the lyrics it actually makes them more powerful.
Plus the fact the news clips never overshadow the vocals.
Even the instruments that play during the news part are not overshadow, and on the flip side they don't overshadow the news clips.
I think you really did a good job mixing this together.
Actually this whole thing could make an extreamly powerful video based on the content.
Nice job

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GlueR responds:

Thanks for the review! What I did try doing with this was to try not to overemphasize the lyrics. In most cases, when someone uses things like news clips, spoken vocals, do it in flat way, giving an impression that they have just added a clip on music. It was a tough task to both find appropriate clips from Al Jazeera for the intro and from BBC for the rest. I wanted the actual clips to be a real and intense part of the lyrics themselves. And then it's all about details. The clips were thoroughly cut, moved, stretched and compressed word to word to actually fit the music, both rhythmically and musically.
So it really feels rewarding that you liked this one! I was very proud of the result when I made this! Thanks!